Another TV interview/review of the book

June 9, 2018

On May 31st Bruce Gagnon host of the program “This Issue” on Brunswick’s Cable TV Channel 3 interviewed me about the book.  The 30 minute back and forth can be viewed over the next month at a dozen mid-coast community access channels or by clicking the following link <>  Bruce’s questions focused on why and whether Maine’s intertidal land law should be reexamined.  My responses pointed out that the 1986 and 1989 Bell cases (following  a 1647 Massachusetts Colonial Ordinance) erroneously ceded title to all of Maine’s intertidal land to adjacent upland owners; I noted that the full range of court errors…


A Petition

June 3, 2018

On May 30th I initiated a petition to the Maine Legislature titled “Maine’s Beaches Are Public Property”.  The petition is linked to this website.  I now want to link this website to the petition.  The link to the petition is:  In the few days the petition has been up, close to 300 people have signed on as supporters; I’m hopeful this number will continue to grow as more books are distributed/sold and as the idea of reexamining the Bell cases takes hold in the public’s mind.  To that end I have begun writing  early supporters asking each of them…


Derry Rundlett’s Interview of the Author

May 22, 2018

Portland Community Television, Channel 5, the Derry Rundlett show interviewed Professor Delogu about the book; the 30 minute program is informative and will appear multiple times through the end of May and into mid-June.  Go to to view the show directly.